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Relax and Rejuvenate with
Our Professional Massage Services

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Please Note:
Our massage therapy services are available by appointment only. Please feel free to give us a call if you don't see a time available that works for you
- we may be able to help.


Therapeutic Customized Massage
Our Customized Massage service offers a personalized approach to massage therapy. We use a variety of massage techniques, such as Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial, and Trigger point therapy to provide the best possible experience for each client. Our experienced massage therapists will work with you to design a massage session that meets your individual needs and desired outcomes. Whether you are looking for relaxation, pain relief, or stress management, let us help you find your balance.
Service Providers:

Hot stone back massage

Hot Stone Therapy
We are here to provide the ultimate relaxation experience to help you forget the hustle and bustle of life. Your therapist will use 20-30 stones with continuous heat designed to help your muscles melt into a serene warm bliss, this massage therapy is perfect for anyone looking to alleviate the effects of fibromyalgia, arthritis, chronic pain and more.

Service Providers:

ace-cupping-is-a-vacuum (1).jpg

Ace Medi-Cupping Massage
Our Customized Massage and ACE medi-cupping combination is the perfect remedy for muscle tension and relaxation. This innovative technique uses cups attached to a vacuum machine that lays a foundation for deep relaxation, providing a calming and effective massage that mimics a deep tissue massage. This varies from traditional cupping as the cups are not left on for extended periods of time and usually do not leave marks on the skin. 

Click here to read an article about the benefits of this modality.

Service Providers:

Couples Massage

Couples Massages
Celebrate your health together. Two people enjoy the couples massage experience, side-by-side. Each choose your massage style preferences, it's a perfect way to enjoy some quality time together. Not a couple? No problem, this is perfect for a friends day or mom/daughter day.  This service is very limited so book in advance! You may contact us directly to schedule, we may have more times available.  

Service Providers:

Ashiatsu "Deep Tissue" Barefoot Massage
Barefoot Massage is a unique style of massage that allows our therapists to use their feet to apply deep, broad pressure with the aid of overhead bars to help maintain balance and provide consistent pressure throughout your session. These flowing strokes lengthen, loosen, and smooth tight fascia, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. 

Click here to read an article about the benefits of this modality.

Service Providers:



Prenatal Massage
Our prenatal and postpartum massage therapies are tailored for the needs of pregnant women. By addressing the physical and emotional changes that occur during pregnancy, this therapeutic bodywork can help reduce discomfort and promote relaxation for the expecting mother. Let us provide you with the nurturing emotional support and gentle noninvasive treatment that you need during this special journey.

Service Providers:


Ace Medicupping Facelift Lymphatic Drainage
This service is performed by a Massage Therapist certified in Ace Medi-Cupping using small cups attached to a vacuum cupping machine to eliminate buildup of wastes and fluids in the face and neck. The technique opens and clears the drainage pathways in the head and neck reducing puffiness, fluid build up, and can help restore collagen.  Results vary and standard treatment series is 1-2x a week for 8-10 treatments. 

Click here and scroll down to The Face for more information.

Service Providers:

Full series of 8 Treatments over 4 weeks is $320
20 Minute Treatment (contact us for booking)

We also offer a 1 time treatment as an add on service for $40!

Neck and Shoulder Massage

Onsite Private Event Chair/Table Massage
Chair massage is a great way to promote physical and mental well-being in a busy work environment. Our therapists use specialized massage techniques to target the areas of the body most affected by stress and tension. These techniques can help to improve circulation, reduce tension, improve posture, and even improve energy levels. With chair massage, your employees can enjoy the benefits of massage therapy without having to leave the workplace. Our therapists are here to provide a convenient and effective way to reduce stress and promote relaxation. We can come to your work space or an event space. 

Service Providers:

Spa Services Massage Therapy
Salts Massage

Moon Glow Body Polish
This 45 minute treatment includes your choice of a SPARITUAL coconut sugar body polish that exfoliates and deeply hydrates skin with ginger root extract, Jojoba Oil, and Sunflower Oil while enlivening your senses. Add this extraordinary service onto any massage to truly relax, rejuvenate and nourish your body and spirit.
Service Providers:

Mud Treatment

Signature Sole Luna Treatment
Experience relaxation, healing and rejuvenation with our signature 2 HOUR treatment. This starts with our Signature Moon Glow Body Polish, followed by a Nourishing Body Wrap rich with ancient healing ingredients to help tighten, brighten and moisturize the skin. Then a full body hot stone massage will bring your body, mind and soul into perfect harmony. Finish off with a hydrating body butter and you'll leave feeling truly invigorated. Don’t miss out on this ultimate indulgence! This treatment requires a 50% deposit.

Body polish available in Earl Grey or Jasmine Tuberose

Service Providers:

*We proudly use SPARITUAL products in our Moon Glow Body Polish and Signature Sole Luna Treatment.  This brand is vegan, cruelty-Free, organic, Nature-Derived with no Parabens, Petrochemicals, Synthetic Fragrances and Dyes, GMOs, and Gluten. Products are available for purchase in house.

Try one of our add-ons, add at booking.

Susans CBD
We use Susans CBD, a high milligram product proven to help with sore muscles and post massage soreness, to ensure that your massage is both luxurious and therapeutic.

click here for more information on this product.

20 Minute Hand and Foot Scrub
This luxurious add on is a relaxing experience featuring Sparitual hand and foot scrub, hot towels, and massage of hands and feet using the premium Sparitual brand products. Let us pamper you today!

Silent Service
Our mission is to create a safe, welcoming and supportive space where we nourish your body, relax your mind and inspire your spirit. Our quiet and calming atmosphere is perfect for those who prefer to relax and be silent during their massage - no need to worry as we check in with you only a few times throughout the session.

Facelift Lymphatic Drainage
This 25 minute restorative medi-cupping facial treatment helps reduce puffiness, swelling, and wrinkles. Once completed we will further tighten your skin with a cold stone facial massage. This is a great one time pick me up to instantly boost your confidence and give your skin an overall polished look.

Set of 6 Hot and Cold Stones
Combining the ancient wisdom of hot and cold stone therapies, our blend helps reduce inflammation, soothe sore muscles, and provide targeted spot treatments - perfect for anyone looking for quick relief from headaches or soreness.

Set of 6 Hot Stones
Our professional therapists specialize in the use of hot stones for spot treatments to relax sore muscles that allow for deeper work on problem areas. Rejuvenate your body and soul!

15 Minute Siesta before your treatment
Our soothing environment, along with aromatherapy, a sound therapy playlist, a warm blanket, and hot towels on feet will help you to disconnect and calm down before your massage. Receive a face and scalp massage to help you slip away into a deep state of relaxation, our expert team of massage therapists will leave you feeling pampered and rejuvenated.



Your health and the health of all of our clients matters to us. At Sole Luna Massage Therapy, we understand that life can be unpredictable. If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, we respectfully ask that you contact us at least 24 hours in advance. Failure to do so may result in a cancellation fee of up to the full cost of the treatment. We appreciate your understanding, as a business in the service industry, our therapists only get paid per completed session. No show no calls will be charged and any future appointments will need to be prepaid.

Please note: If you had previously purchased a gift certificate for Amy Courtwright at The Massage Spa of O'Fallon you may redeem with any therapist at Sole Luna Massage Therapy!!  Please provide your gift certificate number at checkout.

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